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esby apparel was founded in 2014 by designer, Stephanie Beard, and features quality clothing for women & men with menswear mentality - and by menswear mentality, we mean we like to buy well-made clothes and wear them often. esby apparel is proudly made here in the USA of high quality fabrics sourced world-wide. our clothing is fit to flatter with an emphasis on comfort and wearability.


esby is designed in austin and produced in los angeles, new york, dallas, & austin. each piece has been meticulously thought out and well-planned through our design process. we start each season about 12 months before release. we sketch out and review each detail, pick the perfect fabric, and begin developing the pattern. our patterns and samples are tweaked after multiple fit sessions until the ideal fit is reached.

meanwhile, we research and develop the perfect wash for each fabric so our clothes fit the same each time you put them on. once we've reached our desired fit and feel, we begin the production cycle. our fabrics are shipped to the factory and cutting and sewing begins. shortly after, we examine our pre-washed goods for quality and then send to wash. after wash, the clothing is re-examined and ready for wear. you can find our clothing in our online shop, our Austin Flagship, or at one of our stockists nation-wide.




image of stephanie beard by woven magazine



what do you do for esby?

i founded esby and i currently wear many hats. i manage my amazing team, am the creative director, the CEO, and more.


where did you grow up?

born and raised in North Carolina, but maybe I really “grew up” after moving to NYC at 21 years old.


why do you love your job?

because i created my dream job. we aren’t brain surgeons, but looking good feels good and you can feel good about our quality and local production practices. coming to work is always a blast!


favorite snack food to eat at the office?

hmmm…i don’t really get a chance to snack, but i always start the day with black coffee and try to drink as much water as possible - which is never enough.


favorite thing in your closet?

pants! oh. just one? the lucia pant for sure (pictured here) 







what do you do for esby?

i'm the director of production & design. i support Steph in bringing every tiny detail of her vision to life - working with the factories to ensure we've got the right thread color on every stitch, perfecting technical design for ideal fit, sizing & construction, and managing the calendar to timely deliveries.


where did you grow up?

i grew up near the coast in Kemah, TX (just south of Houston) - but after years of living on the West Coast (and finding my husband there!), i also love to claim LA.


why do you love your job?

there are always new challenges when bringing an artistic vision to life - i love the daily problem-solving and learning. i also cherish the opportunity to support American factories, knitting mills, and dye / wash houses. making clothing is such an intricate, technical trade - i'm super passionate about ensuring this work remains stateside.


favorite snack food to eat at the office?

i love a good dried mango or apricot, and i could eat curry flavored cashews all day. oh, and chocolate - of course.


favorite thing in your closet?

i'm forever all about a killer jumpsuit! currently obsessed with this wild denim number i found at Kapital in Tokyo (heaven!) - and despite how long she's been around, i'm definitely having a new love affair with the duffy.








what do you do for esby?

i am the director of marketing & pr, but have my hand in a little bit of everything outside of production & design. i love a good creative in-store event, pop-up and mailer, so expect to see more of these in the future!


where did you grow up?

Victoria, Texas, with stints in Montreal, Canada; Johor Bahru, Malaysia; Düsseldorf, Germany; and New York, up until the end of 2018.


why do you love your job?

i love being a part of an amazing, hardworking team where everyone is an integral piece of the equation. esby is a diamond in the south, and i want everyone to know it, and love it as much as i do.


favorite snack food to eat at the office?

easy, chocolate. it's an addiction and will be the end of me.


favorite thing in your closet?

hard, i have a lot of special pieces from my grandmother, but i have to say my vintage Hermès scarf because it makes me feel French.







what do you do for esby?

my title is sales & operations, but when working at a small business you end up becoming a jack of all trades. i’ve dabbled in everything from monthly sales reports to packing up orders to instagram stories.


where did you grow up?

i’m a born and raised austinite, just like esby! i’m such a wimp in the cold, i’m not sure i would survive anywhere else.


why do you love your job?

i love working hard and seeing the company grow because of it. i’m constantly challenged to think outside of the box and pushed outside of my comfort zone,  plus i get to talk about clothes all day long, which i would probably be doing anyways even if i didn’t work here.


favorite snack food to eat at the office?

bananas in the morning, pistachios in the afternoon, peanut butter cups in the evening.


favorite thing in your closet?

one of my most reached for pieces is the east end tee from esby’s first season. the softest white dobby in a loose boxy crop, you can’t really go wrong throwing it on with anything on a hot summer day.






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