sustainability, along with minimizing waste through slow-fashion production practices are very important to us -
we are excited to launch this special spring assortment of pieces we’ve received back from our buy-back program. these pieces are pre-owned, gently-used, pre-washed, and show no signs of wear. we’ve curated a small collection of past-season spring-favorites at great prices.

we have also opened up buy back submissions. we want to give you the opportunity to send back your gently worn esby in exchange for credit (up to $120!) towards a future purchase!
this is a responsible way for you to keep clothes out of the landfill, and gives us the opportunity to resell gently used esby at a lower price.

if you're not local to our austin studio and want to submit an esby piece in great condition purchased prior to 9/1/21, please email for more information on next steps.

happy sustainable shopping!
all sales are final.