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Posted on March 16 2017


KREWE makes handmade eyewear with an attention to detail that you can fall in love with. 

krewe eyewear new orleans handmade eyewear

stirling barrett began KREWE in 2013. a native of the city, barrett will give you ample opportunity to fall in love with his hometown. inspired by NOLA, KREWE makes eyewear that's reflective of the city's rich history and unequaled style. 

krewe eyewear new orleans handmade eyewear

a 2016 finalist for the prestigious cfda vogue award- barrett has been able to capture the style of new orleans in such a way that the world is taking notice

krewe eyewear new orleans handmade eyewear

all KREWE eyewear is made with vegetable-derived acetate, scratch-proof lenses and often features gold-plated metals. each pair is prescription lense-ready, and a new collection of optical eyewear has just been released.

krewe eyewear new orleans handmade eyewear

frames are scratch resistant and UVA/B protective, with a warranty from the factory that works to keep you in your KREWE eyewear as long as possible.

krewe eyewear new orleans handmade eyewear

come by the store during sxsw 2017 for the KREWE pop up with the whole collection and take a peak at their latest accomplishment- a nola-inspired tiny house in the style of a traditional shotgun house on the outside &a super clean showcase for their top notch eyewear inside.


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