Posted on July 29 2016

weathered coalition carries products for men that are meant to be just that, weathered. the shop is run by a handful of guys, all friends, and everything they buy for the shop is something they find purpose in, would wear, or have worn. we got Ben Woods, co-founder of the shop, to chat with us about how weathered coalition is different, advice he would give is 16 year old self, and what they'll have at the sale. 


what will you be bringing to the sale? any favorite items?


we’ll have a strong representation across all of our categories. primarily it will be stuff from this SS16 season. however, we also plan to mix in a few other heavyweight pieces along with a few accessories. my favorite piece will be the scarves from Kiriko. those guys make great stuff and we have few items left over from FW16 that we will have on hand. 



all of your lines are made in the USA. what influenced you to focus on sourcing American made designers? 


for us, what drives our brand is stories and experiences. in a world of fast fashion this mentality [of integrity] has gone to the wayside, and men have been conditioned to find the lowest price point. we wanted people to walk in our shop and know what they’re getting. we want them to trust that the products they buy stand on quality and will last. in essence, that these products will tell the person's story long after they are gone.



everyone on the team at Weathered Coalition comes from different backgrounds professionally. how does that impact the way you guys approach personal style and the choices you make for the shop?
i think, coming from different backgrounds really gives us a unique perspective. everyone in our shop has their own "look." this allows us the chance to mix different elements and styles that we love into the shop. we’re not trying to push a certain aesthetic on our customers. it’s just the things we love to wear as average guys. i think the style is relatable. we don’t have any formal training or background in fashion or design. we feel the brands in the shop convey this dignified but humble message.



hypothetical question; all of your luggage got lost on a trip, but you were able to rescue 3 items before the unfortunate loss occurred. what 3 items did you grab? 
The Vintage Timex watch my dad gave me that I wear everyday
My Lanona Austinite boots - a custom boot we did for the shop
My Journal



 what advice would you give to your 16 y.o self?
don’t let the fear of other people influence your decision to pursue your own dreams. people will project their fear on you and try to talk you into playing it safe. don’t listen to them. follow your curiosity.



 images from weathered coalition & instagram


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