meet: the esby models ALEXIA BROWN

Posted on January 04 2017

meet: the esby models
we design for women who inspire us, and we look for the same women to bring esby apparel to you. esby models inspire us with their style, their work ethic, their sense of humor and their friendship. we want to share them with you. follow along as we profile them all, and get to know the esby models
A L E X I A   B R O W N
you might recognize alexia as the face of esby-on-the-web for the fw16 season. alexia is a small business owner with a sense of community that we admire. her style is lived in-chic, her hair is a deep source of envy, and we're so proud to have her here!

esby apparel byron & blue alexia brown

where do you live and what do you do? 

i live in east austin and own a retail shop called byron & blue.
byron and blue

what new hobby or activity are you enjoying? 

i recently started making body scrubs. it’s fun to play with different scents and ingredients and my skin is pretty darn smooth now. 

coffee or tea?

coffee, black. 

french fries or crusty bread?

crusty bread dipped in olive oil.
esby apparel high waist pant camel turtleneck

favorite fashion trend you wish was a classic. 

i would love for high waisted jeans to never go out of style. 

best fashion movie or book or magazine

it isn’t really a fashion movie, but I recently saw The Single Man, which was directed by tom ford, after having loved the book by christopher isherwood. every scene looks as if it’s from a page of vogue. it’s a beautiful film. 

a single man tom ford
morning ritual. 

up at 7:30, coffee, breakfast with my partner, play with the dog. i also try to read a little and then answer emails before heading to work. i need to incorporate some yoga!

guilty pleasure. 

watching makeup tutorial videos on instagram. i don’t wear a lot of makeup, but there’s something oddly exciting in seeing someone completely transform themselves.

esby apparel duffy jumper alexia brown
what's the esby piece you wish you were wearing right now and what way you would style it? 

the ivory duffy jumper. i'd wear it with a vintage jean jacket and clogs. 

who is an influential woman in your life? 

my grandma jo was a tough lady who raised her kids alone after my grandfather died suddenly. she traveled the world and spent her life focusing on her hobbies and passions. i've always admired her strength and loved that she dedicated her life to what made her happy. 

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  • Sarah: January 05, 2017

    Love this idea! Great way to make the brand feel personal.

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