Posted on May 31 2018

meet the esby models

we design for men and women who inspire us, and we look for the same men and women to bring esby apparel to you. esby models inspire us with their style, their work ethic, their sense of humor and their friendship. we want to share them with you. follow along as we profile them all, and get to know the esby models.


J E R E M Y  S H U

jeremy first became a part of the esby team as a marketing intern last summer before becoming the face of our FW17 mens collection. we were lucky to work with him as an employee then, and are still lucky now to have him as one of our current lookbook models. a genuine soul with a down-to-earth and relaxed nature, we can't wait to see where jeremy goes next.

where do you live and what do you do?
i currently live in austin and i'm finishing off my final semester as a public relations student at the university of texas. job hunting here and there but focusing more on my efforts toward applying for design school. 

 what are your hobbies? is there anything new that's sparking your interest?
i'm starting to get more into graphic design and dusting off old sketchbooks to rekindle my love for portrait sketching. also, attempting to build a palate for mezcal.

if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
sedona, arizona.

french fries or crusty bread?
french fries. add a bit of olive oil, garlic, and rosemary and let's call it a day.

is there a favorite fashion trend that you wish was a classic?
jinbei kimonos! eastern minimalism deserves more appreciation.

jeremy in the william linen button down in dune

where do you look for inspiration?

70's and 80's cinema - attention to wardrobe seemed a lot greater then and have stood the test of time but i'll always have a soft spot for 90's vintage.

is there a morning ritual that gets your day started?
i usually open up my bedside window and shuffle a playlist of bossa nova to get the day grooving, stan getz or astrud gilberto are the go-to. i can't leave the house until I water my bonsai tree.

any guilty pleasure(s)?
a slurpee from 7-Eleven and a bag of hot cheetos. 

best fashion movie or book or magazine?

scarface: al pacino, michelle pfeiffer, and essentially the whole cast serve looks the entire film. pastel suits, white pinstripes, hawaiian shirts, open giant collars, silk dresses, statement jewelry - it has it all. 

what's the esby piece you wish you were wearing right now and how would you style it?
the 3/4 sleeve lifetime crew in navy/natural stripe, a french chore coat, chinos, and a pair of vintage white tretorns.

who is an influential person in your life?
my father - he's not a man of many words but in everything he says, there is wisdom and truth. he's true to his values but also knows when to loosen up and keep a few buttons unbuttoned with a cigar in his hand.


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