Posted on March 28 2018

meet the esby models

we design for men and women who inspire us, and we look for the same men and women to bring esby apparel to you. esby models inspire us with their style, their work ethic, their sense of humor and their friendship. we want to share them with you. follow along as we profile them all, and get to know the esby models.


E M I L Y  M C M I C H A E L

emily has been a dear friend and model of ours since the launch of our swimwear line over a year ago. when she isn't busy radiating in front of our camera, she can be found studying international business with an iced matcha in hand, preparing to change the world while staying fashionably hydrated.

where do you live and what do you do?
i live in the bouldin creek neighborhood of austin. i am an international business student at st. edward’s university and i work in restaurants.

 what are your hobbies? is there anything new that's sparking your interest?
between work and school i don’t have a lot of time, but when i do, i love to dance. at bars, with my friends, around my apartment- it just feels good to move.

if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
i absolutely love mexico but have never been to mexico city. i’m constantly daydreaming about eating my way through that city.

are you a coffee or tea person?
i’m an iced matcha with almond milk person.

emily in the pecan duffy jumper

is there a favorite fashion trend that you wish was a classic?
cowboy boots are trending right now but for me, will always be a classic.

where do you look for inspiration?

i really draw inspiration from the people around me. friends, people I see on the street or on campus, my grandmother, even my boyfriend. 

is there a morning ritual that gets your day started?
wake up 10 minutes before i’m supposed to leave and hustle out the door.

any guilty pleasure(s)?
i fully keep up with the kardashians. I think those women are bad-ass. have you seen kim kardashian’s latest spread in ODDA Magazine? it’s so good!

what's the esby piece you wish you were wearing right now and how would you style it?
i can’t stop wearing the jane tee. would love to pair it with the mercy cigarette pant or the finch denim in natural.

emily in the natural jane tee

who is an influential person in your life?
i’ve always looked up to my older brother. he continually inspires me to work harder, be kinder, and read more books.


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