Posted on June 17 2017

meet the esby models

we design for men and women who inspire us, and we look for the same men and women to bring esby apparel to you. esby models inspire us with their style, their work ethic, their sense of humor and their friendship. we want to share them with you. follow along as we profile them all, and get to know the esby models.


R O B  E R N I 

rob is a longtime friend of esby.  stylish, savvy, funny, & kind.  really all we could ask for.  rob is a co-owner of manready mercantile, a great shop in houston, which is the kind of place you can spend hours, learning stories behind their incredible finds and even having a cocktail. rob is the model for our first ever menswear line, and we're thrilled to have him.

rob pictured in our lifetime crew and carson chino

where do you live and what do you do?
i live in houston's montrose neighborhood which is about as central and walkable as one can get in houston. i'm a civil engineer, co-owner of manready mercantile, and really just want to be a part of helping houston be a great place to live.

 what new hobby or activity are you enjoying?
i've been going barefoot as much as possible on the weekends recently - maybe a little bit out of rebellion from work attire and fashion.


favorite fashion trend you wish was a classic?
long(ish) hair - no one really liked my waves back in middle school. and i'm not sure my work/clients get it now.

what is your morning ritual?
does anyone else do child's pose when they wake up? i also read a scripture or two and keep a prayer list. my commute to work is short so i often opt for no music and mentally prioritize my day.

influential person in you life?
my dad - he never let me quit a single thing growing up. my parents always pushed my brother and i far beyond what we thought we were capable of.


what item(s) of clothing or accessory should every man have in his closet?
i'm really not sure how people get through life without a good pair of black pants. also, a good overshirt goes a long way!

what was the most fashionable decade?
superlatives make my brain hurt. i will say hd imagery isn't exactly fashion's best friend, everyone looks more stylish on b&w film. but the entire 20th century will be a blip in the archives one day and i'm kind of envious of future fashion.


who do you get your style inspiration from?
i think shia labeouf and i are on the same wavelength but i can't do broke college student 24/7 so jude law fills in the gaps for my business attire and date nights. a few of my favorite pieces are actually my mom's though. i wear both her spring & winter weight levi's jean jackets from the 70s and this incredibly broken-in ll bean utility shirt. i also have a perfectly aged denim skirt of hers but i'm holding that for a special lady one day.

what's your favorite item from esby's ss17 menswear collection?
the carson chino - i'm really glad wider cuts are trending again.

Robert pictured in our lamar henley and carson chino

if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
the future.



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