Posted on March 15 2017

meet the esby models

we design for men and women who inspire us, and we look for the same men and women to bring esby apparel to you. esby models inspire us with their style, their work ethic, their sense of humor and their friendship. we want to share them with you. follow along as we profile them all, and get to know the esby models.


S A R A H  E V A N S

sarah is one of our spring summer ’17 models from nashville, tn. we found her a few days before the shoot and knew right away she’d be perfect. sarah is currently living in australia & traveling but when we spoke last, she was still in nashville, making beautiful food for her lucky community.

sarah pictured in our delilah jacket, stella top, and lucia seamed pant

where do you live and what do you do?
i am a full time line cook in nashville, TN. my current job involves me being a cook and a server with a very unique and intimate dining experience. it has 24 seats so it's incredibly exciting being able the watch the night evolve as i make the guests feel welcome and at home in the restaurant. i am from tennessee, so i wanted a city that was close to home after being in rhode island, NYC, and chattanooga for the past 3.5 years.

Bastion is a 24-seat, almost hidden, restaurant attached to the "big bar" which is the main drinking hole. the sliding door for the restaurant opens up to a 7 seat "little bar" where there are finer cocktails and beverages with special sakes, japanese whiskeys, and many other special or rare spirits. this is the transitional space to guide our guests in and out of their dining experience while relaxing with our talented and passionate beverage directors. past the bar and through a curtain you see a station that is riddled with records and a record player where we rotate albums all night long.

this gives Bastion a very unique quality i have not seen anywhere else. upon entering the dining room, most are surprised at the cavalier atmosphere. it starts with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, pale tabletops, and dark cement flooring. it has a very industrial feel that meets low lighting with accents of steel that draw the eyes to the chefs cooking behind the counter.

i am one of those cooks and since being there i have learned so much from not just the cuisine and the chefs i work alongside, but the guests, too. we work there everyday to achieve amazing flavors and plates, but it isn't just about the food. it's also about the interaction with the people enjoying your passion. you can visibly see people's hearts unfold with every bite and sip. it is almost a taboo experience.

 what new hobby or activity are you enjoying?
building things like my new steel and wood slat bed frame and other bedroom furnishings.

coffee or tea?
coffee, for sure. definitely once a day if not 3 cups by 5pm. I need that extra push for my long days in the kitchen.

french fries or crusty bread?
french fries either with all the sauces or with a chocolate frosty. Ha!

favorite fashion trend you wish was a classic?
not the best at this question considering i just put on whatever i see first most days, but i don't think i know of any trends that haven't already been classics. i do love love LOVE the punk chick, bomber jacket, chunky ankle boots, skinny jeans and bold lips look. (basically i want to be Sandy from Grease!)

best fashion movie or book or magazine?
i really enjoy Kinfolk Magazine in addition to their cookbook. an ex got it for me and i've read it front to back. it's really well done very pleasant to look through their photographs and read little excerpts on fashion, home, and food.

sarah pictured in our darby dress and baronne duster

morning ritual?
(avoiding morning, mostly!) if i had anything consistent, it would be waiting until the very last second i can stay in bed then rushing around within 5 minutes: bathroom, teeth, clothes, (where are my keys! ah!!), time check, thank god for slip-on kitchen shoes, out the door! and that is 5 days a week.

guilty pleasure(s)?
it used to be ice cream for a while, but now it's sour beer, bourbon, and any snack food i can get my hands on.

what's the esby piece you wish you were wearing right now and what way you would style it?
definitely one of the jumpers! they are SO comfortable and flattering. since it is winter probably a long trench coat, bright colored clutch and chunky platform.

who is an influential woman in your life?
too many to count, but recently I have been blessed with this lovely soul sister, allie evans. we aren't related, but she is a badass cook, model, mom, and powerhouse. she reminds me not to ever settle for subpar, keep pushing forward, and to make sure i'm taking care of myself, as well as instilling the 'you are a goddess' mentality every day!

sarah pictured in our delilah jacket, poppy top, and val twill pant


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