Posted on September 26 2016

meghann rosales is one of the women in austin responsible for bringing together health and beauty in the form of nail art. she works under the name nails y’all and is widely known for her ability to illustrate intricate portraits on the smallest of nails. and she does it all without using traditional, harsh polishes and removers. when she isn’t mixing up a custom color or pattern, she is likely renovating her historic home in clarksville or drawing comics.
esby x nails yall
what is an unexpected skill that has helped you succeed in your small business?
i've been drawing comics since I was a kid but aside from a few mini-comics and commissions those skills didn't really apply to my professional life. but all of that got me to what I do today: i draw tiny pictures in tiny spaces. with both comics and nails my goal is to tell the maximum story with the minimum amount of lines.
what are the best references when clients are designing a custom set with you?
i love when folks reference culture, especially politics and music. Innovative patterns and color pairings in wallpaper, fabric, and tile are fun, too. art and book illustrations have provided a lot of cool inspo, too. artistically it's way more fun to interpret a reference for a totally unique set versus looking at a pinterest picture.
esby x nails y'all 
you only use 3-free products, what motivated you to make that commitment?
in nail school we were stuck in an unventilated room and all of these toxic liquids and powders. concern about that led me to research chemicals in our beauty products. luckily we have an ever-increasing amount of nail companies refusing to use formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene (the exclusion of which make a polish 3-free). plenty more polishes exceed that standard, having committed to no formaldehyde resin, no camphor, no animal testing, and more. women in austin are not only receptive to but seeking out more natural beauty products. if i'm putting it on or near your skin, it's only something that I would put on or near my own.
are there colors on your radar for fall?
rich plums and reds are always big in the fall. I'm looking forward to chocolates and a range of grays. adding metallics in moons, swoops, and angles is a great way to brighten up those deeper shades.
what advice would you give your 16 y.o. self?
keep drawing. draw more. say yes to fun stuff. say no to dumb stuff. don't get that tattoo in two years.
portrait of meghann rosales
is there a piece from esby that caught your eye?

banks silk Kimono dress in olive. i love a dress that makes me look put together AND allows for big burritos.

your perfect way to unwind after a busy week:
i grab a cup of decaf, wander through h-e-b at a snail's pace, then go home and cook something delicious, probably while watching episodes of "30 rock." maximum chill.


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