Posted on July 26 2016

 if you've ever found yourself looking at a bomber jacket, vintage ring, or military jacket from another era and wondering where it came from, no worries. we found the guys bringing you a few of those superb vintage finds. carson and jon are the dudes behind fortune, a vintage, textile and accessories line for anyone who loves the heritage, history, and integrity of military vintage goods. specifically focusing on the Vietnam war era (1955-1975), carson and jon have curated a collection of goods that are truly era-less.



how did you get the idea for your brand? how did you come up with the name?
"the idea of launching the brand was started when Jon and i met. we found out rather quickly that we share a lot of the same passions and our creative processes aligned pretty well. Jon has an incredible background in vintage. having just moved to austin from an extensive career in the fashion industry, he and i clicked and related on many levels. myself coming from a background of art and design, merchandising, and retailing, we set out to launch our brand. the name FORTUNE means, to us, spreading the wealth up and down the line from which our product is made. we work with indigenous tribes, 100 year old factories, and other small businesses that make this country special. we seek to continue that legacy and help others do the same along the way."
you just got back from men’s fashion week/market in NYC. any trends you saw that stood out to you? what caught your eye?
"one of the biggest trends we saw was the "souvenir or tour jacket."  a lot of vintage  military inspired pieces are really coming back. our favorite looks are people that can effortlessly mix unique old pieces with a little new for a refreshing look. Jon has been collecting tour jackets for years, some of which you can find on our site. they're such a standout statement piece and you really can't match the originals. problem is they're getting harder and harder to find!"


what will you be bringing to the sale? any favorite items?
"we're bringing our collection we make with the Montagnard tribespeople. to make the long story short, they are a group of indigenous tribes from the hill country of Vietnam. as a whole, they are very discriminated against, and even systematically killed by their own country to this day. during the Vietnam war they fought side by side with U.S Special Forces and they quickly became known for their fierceness and loyalty. since then there has been an effort by many of the American soldiers to bring families safety to the states to provide a better future. we came across this story a few years back and we go directly to their homes to work with them. each piece we make them has a direct impact on their families both here, and overseas. we offer authentic pieces made for hundreds of years using the highest grade metals and beads which you'll find at the sale. from necklaces to rings to bracelets, each piece is handmade and truly unique."
what advice would you give to your 16 y.o self?
Carson - "Stop smoking so much weed"
Jon - "Start smoking more weed"





come meet jon and carson and check out their sale collection here at esby on Saturday, July 30th!



images via fortune good's insta


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