ESBY'S AUSTIN // what to do when it's 105 degrees

Posted on July 29 2018

texas summers can get pretty brutal, especially with global temperatures rising worldwide.
but rather than becoming pale hermits who stay in the sanctity of our air-conditioned homes for the entire
summer, we've found ways to make the most of these long days and warm nights. read below about what
we love doing around town when the temp is in the triple-digits.

S W I M  a t  B A R T O N  S P R I N G S
there's a reason why barton springs pool is listed on virtually every single austin guide ever made. perfectly located in central austin surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city lies the perfect oasis - a large, magical, grassy hill surrounded by trees that cascades into a river that stays a refreshing 70 degrees year round. come take a dip and bask in the sun here in your carla tank bralette and bridgette bikini bottom.

esby tip: use the second entrance on azie morton road to avoid the heavy traffic of the main entrance and to enter right on the hill

A R T  a t  L A G U N A  G L O R I A
located on lake austin, the laguna gloria sculpture park is a contemporary art destination that has a wide range of artwork in both their permanent installation as well as their rotating exhibitions. here you can explore the beauty of a lakeside meadow under the shade of your communitie marfa hat and view new works of art from leading contemporary artists from around the world. it's the perfect place to experience the harmony between art and nature.

esby tip: keep an eye out for the beautiful peacocks that roam free in the park

S N O W C O N E S  a t  S N O - B E A C H
nothing beats a snowcone on a hot summer day, and the ones they serve at sno-beach are the best in town, if not the country. there's just something irresistibly delicious that happens when you mix together flavored syrup and freshly shaven, soft-as-snow ice. open noon until sundown everyday in the summer it's not raining, go try one for yourself in the super lightweight and breathable alice tunic.

esby tip: order an almond flavored snowcone with caramel drizzle if you want your life to be forever changed for the better

D R I N K S  a t  K I T T Y  C O H E N ' S
hands down, the cutest bar in austin is kitty cohen's. featuring a uniquely 1970's palm springs aesthetic, this cocktail bar dishes out deliciously crafted drinks and effortlessly transports you to a carefree summer beach party thrown back in california's luxurious heyday. be sure to come in your lekha dahlia mules, or any other shoe you can easily kick off so you can sip your drink while dipping your feet into their refreshing patio wading pool.

esby tip: take a selfie while you're here and use the #ultimatekitty hashtag and kitty cohen's will donate a dollar to a local charity

F O O D  a t  P O O L  B U R G E R
opened less than a year ago, pool burger has already become an institution in such a short amount of time. a playful tiki inspired cocktail bar located right next to deep eddy pool - another local favorite swimming location - pool burger has some of the best burgers and cocktails in town. spend the day at deep eddy pool, then throw on the blanche prairie dress as a breathable cover-up and head on over to enjoy the best post-swim meal you could ever imagine.

esby tip: if you aren't feeling a cocktail, there's a bar located right above pool burger
where you can order pitchers of beer to bring back down to enjoy with friends


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