Posted on September 17 2018

 E S B Y  M U S E  //  M E G A N  W E S T

megan west is an insanely talented artist, dog mom, and an associate creative director at refinery29. when she isn't busy overseeing creative programs at refinery29, she can be found soaking up inspiration wandering around the big city, reading the new york times in bed with her adorable pup by her side, or casually running into queer eye's tan france on her way to the museum. megan inspires us immensely through her style and personality, and we're lucky to call her our friend.

megan in the baronne linen duster (coming back in new colorways this fall!)


we know you live in brooklyn - saw your home tour on refinery29 sweet digs! where did you grow up?

I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida! I often miss warmer climates, swimming pools and being surrounded by plants, but after 9 years in Brooklyn, I call New York home.

(watch megan's sweet digs episode here!)




what's your idea of the perfect brooklyn sunday?

Coffee while reading the NY Times. Breakfast while watching CBS Sunday Morning. Dog park & farmers market. Meal prep for the week while listening to podcasts. I try to carve out some time for creativity. Painting, thumbing through art books, maybe a museum. End the day with yoga, a home-cooked meal and reading. Damn, I’m old :)


 megan at the museum in the natural blanche prairie dress


Tell us about your job! what do you do at refinery29?

I’m an Associate Creative Director at Refinery29. I work on concepting campaigns for internal projects and branded content. I oversee the creative direction and treatment of branded content programs, which means my day-to-day changes a lot. Some days I’m on set working with our in-house editors and producers. Other days I’m in the office in back-to-back meetings. The variety keeps it fresh.




we know you are an amazing artist - love our custom wrapping paper from last holiday! how did you get started painting?

I started painting as a way to relax. I wanted a hobby that was more creatively introverted, which helps me balance living in a big city. Like most hobbies, I just had to make time to do it.




do you have any other hobbies or secret passions?

Interiors. Yoga. Reading. Walking around NY. Not so secretly obsessed with my dog.



what three items in your closet could you not live without?

- My Esby Duffy Jumper - perfect outfit for working on set, traveling on planes and for various temperatures.
- The Great Eros Pajamas - My nighttime uniform.
- Vintage Navy Blue Chore Jacket - definitely the workhorse of my closet, as I am always cold!


megan running into tan france on the streets of new york


we love food. where was the best meal you ever had, and what was it?

The best meal in recent memory was in Mexico City at Contramar. I often dream about the little salmon & avocado tostadas there. The grilled oysters at Casamentos in Nola are a close second.




do you cook at home?

Yes! Cooking is meditation for me. I love eating seasonally and learning new recipes. Right now I am really into the recipes in HIgh Vibrational Beauty.



what advice would you give your younger self?

Be kind to yourself. Life changes and progress take time.
Trust that the universe has your back.
Wear Sunscreen Every. Damn. Day.

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  • Gini West: September 18, 2018

    This beautiful young woman is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, not to mention wise as an owl!
    And her style is impeccable……

  • Dad: September 17, 2018

    Same creative young lady that gave me my first failing grade on my report card for not increasing her allowance after convincing me she needed her own checking account. Love her to the moon and back.

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