ENDLESS SUMMER SALE // vintage inspired womenswear from fortune goods

Posted on July 05 2017


fortune goods is back at esby for the third endless summer garage + sample sale. they'll be bringing their vintage inspired apparel, accesories, & vintage finds from all over the world, with an emphasis on japan, vietnam, & mexico.

we wanted to spotlight fortune goods as womenswear, because they do it so well.


img c/o made solid

indigo striped jacket and pant

inspired by the US Navy issued deck shawl of the 1940's, we took into consideration every aspect of this jacket. with a vintage construction, we added length to the body for our take on a traditional smock. each detail of the garment is carefully sourced and is individually hand crafted to the utmost authenticity and detail.


"for the montagnards" hand carved bracelets in brass

The classic Montagnard Bracelet was given to soldiers as a symbol of friendship and respect. Each piece is hand carved by Chen, a Montagnard warrior who fought alongside the Green Berets during the Vietnam War. Chen explained to us the incredible impact, meaning, and significance of these bracelets. Each individual piece is hand-cut and shaped, then carved by hand with symbols referring to luck, life, and death. Chen still helps train U.S. Special Forces at Fort Bragg, N.C. to this day. Bracelets are 100% Made in the USA and packed in original Vietnam era waterproof magazine surrender bags.

esby-apparel-minimal-style-made-in-usa-sample-sale-fortune-goodsArtboard 1 copy-100

imgs c/o andrea swinbank & seek collective

belgian linen shawl jacket & OG 107

known the world over as the leaders in fine linen, this heavy 9oz fabric is sourced from the famous mills of belgium. this special garment will soften and stretch with wear to become unique to the owner over its lifetime. it has been individually hand painted by artist ryan sneden in new york, giving each a distinct look of its own.

esby-apparel-minimal-style-made-in-usa-sample-sale-fortune-goodsArtboard 1 copy-100

img c/o @real_folk_blue

"for the montagnards" beaded necklaces

we go the extra mile to design, create, and test our products to be on par with the vintage objects that we prize and respect. Our product not only affects the lives of the people we collaborate with, but hopefully forges a meaningful connection with you as well.

esby-apparel-minimal-style-made-in-usa-sample-sale-fortune-goodsArtboard 1 copy-100

img c/o work by nonny

indigo striped og 107

beautiful indigo striped fabric that has been hand painted and aged by artist ryan sneden in new york city. in turn, each piece is different from the next to create a perfectly unique garment that will enhance with each wear. natural bone buttons have been naturally aged to give the garment its proper justice.

see more at fortunegoods.com


fortune goods "washed ashore" look bookour interview with fortune goods


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