endless summer sale - interview with kettle & brine

Posted on January 27 2017

Kettle & Brine

Kettle & Brine stock pieces that are sure to become heirlooms. pieces that are more than just beautiful- but perfectly functional as well. the care that goes into each one is apparent. we talked to tarica navarro about her business and her vision below.


esby apparel kettle & brine austin texas endless summer sale

tell us about the moment you decided to start your own business. and a little bit about what sets you apart.


as a mother of 2 little girls and an avid home cook, i had a challenging time finding products for the home and kitchen that were both high functioning and inspiring to use. I grew up in thailand, a culture that has its identity rooted in food. my experience as an interior designer having worked for various architects over the past 10+ years in l.a., bangkok, and nyc and most recently for michael hsu in austin solidified my love for merging form and function. in the architecture and design field, there is a relentless pursuit of perfection. not perfection in the monolithic sense, but rather in a way where everything is carefully considered and thought out. all decisions weighed against the overall intention. i bring that kind of obsessive attention to what i do, how i source and curate the collection. i'm a curious soul who asks lots of questions.


esby apparel kettle & brine austin texas endless summer sale

what are you bringing to the sale? what's not-to-be-missed?


we are constantly tinkering and experimenting, collaborating and creating. so we have some samples and seconds that are a result of that. this includes limited edition collections from pottery to early iterations of our own line. we'll have serving boards, platters for sharing, and coffee paraphernalia for the caffeine addicts.

what's your ideal dinner party playlist?


everything from al green and motown to fleetwood mac and nick drake.

esby apparel kettle & brine austin texas endless summer sale

describe your dream kitchen. what's cooking on the stove?


currently there is a pot of mineral rich bone broth brewing to help beat the winter bugs. it's such a good comforting pick me up these days. as far as a dream kitchen, i would say we have ours. we remodeled last year and i designed it on the premise of gatherings in the kitchen to allow for several people to cook together and entertain while doing so. the ideal kitchen in my mind is airy and provides plenty of physical circulation. we have an 8' long butcher block top island at the center which we use to cut, prep meals, and eat on. i can go on all day about disrupting the traditional triangle layout, but I won't bore you! the best kitchens focus on point of use and feel intuitive and effortless. aesthetically speaking, they inspire daily use because you just want to be in there. i don't design for passing trends, rather i believe in enduring, continually relevant styles that are difficult to place in time and genre.

sunny beach or snowy mountain?


i'm a tropical girl at heart from phuket to the coast of california. my favorite vacations: maldives (we honeymooned there), koh nangyuan off the coast of samui, big sur, portlock island off the coast of ontario in lake heron.

esby apparel kettle & brine austin texas endless summer sale

what does 2017 look like for kettle & brine?


2017 is a big year for us. it marks one year of launching our first brick and mortar store and foray into the launch of our own collection. i'm taking on the challenge of designing a collection that encompasses design simplicity, high function and ease of use without sacrificing design sensibility. our goal is to continue to build a community and dialogue around food and cultivate an elevated intentional home life. we're putting the best tools in the hands of the home cook with the hopes to engage with them, and inspire people to create their own food culture and celebrate the little moments in everyday.


Kettle & Brine will be at the endless summer sale 1/29 11-4pm


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