endless summer sale - interview with fortune goods

Posted on January 26 2017

the kind of vintage you have to journey for and new pieces with poignant history. Fortune Goods is bringing their collection of rare vintage jewelry and apparel, as well as new production from their own collection.  we've asked them a few questions below on how they do it all. 

fortune goods

fortune does so much.

can you tell us a little more about the makers you work with?

yea! we try to create things with a story and meaning, whether it be our clothing line or a curated assortment of accessories. we’ve been working with the montagnard tribe for a couple years now to help highlight their amazing skill and knack for making jewelry. since before, during, and after fighting alongside the usa in the vietnam war, they’ve faced hard and bleak circumstances in their home country. after the war, a group of the us special forces set up an organization to try to help get their people out of there. we work them to not only display incredible products, but help out a little where we can. 

Montagnard Bead Necklace In Rose Cream Jade

what are you bringing to the sale? what's not to be missed?

we’ll be bringing a collection of amazing hand made montagnard products as well as some hand selected vintage items from our collection. we’ll have some rad stuff we picked in japan and some incredible silver mexican jewelry!

Montaganrd Carved Bracelet In Silver

what's your ideal dinner party playlist?

psychedelic and heavy enough to freak out the squares!


you sell vintage, too. do you have any tips you'd like to share on buying quality vintage?


when we look for vintage we’re looking for inspirational and hard to find pieces. we source a lot of 1930s, 40s, 50s era items and the best place to start is studying the history! we geek out on that stuff and sometimes the stuff we find are history lessons themselves.

Vintage 1940’s Japanese Boro Kimono

sunny beach or snowy mountain?

beach us



esby endless summer sale fortune goods austin texas

what's a holy-grail item that you've found during vintage-hunting?

we recently found this really weird amazing 1940's pueblo hand-painted portrait. there's something about it. maybe spirits? we like it.


shop Fortune Goods at the esby endless summer sale

1/28 + 1/29 11-4


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