Posted on July 23 2016

we're having our first annual end of season garage/sample sale with a few of our friends on Saturday, July 30th (we highly recommend stopping by). if you're a jewelry lover you will love Leslie and the collection of jewels she curates for her shop, ARO jewelry. her new shop just opened on east fifth street and the store is nothing short of beautiful. we asked her a few questions about what she would be bringing to the sale, what fall trend she's looking forward to and what she would wear if she only had three pieces of jewelry. 




what will you be bringing to the sale? any favorite items?


"lots of 'past season' jewelry, although I'm a firm believer that jewelry is timeless. there is just too much good jewelry out there and I have to cycle through it seasonally. Alynne Lavigne, Gillian Steinhardt, and Proud Mary are some of my favorite of the designers."



 you have a strong tie to Venezuela, how does heritage influence your personal style?


"i do, i love my Venezuelan roots and I think it definitely has influenced my style... especially when it comes to my love for color and unique jewelry pieces. jewelry was the one item I could not leave Venezuela without because there were always pieces I could never find in the US." 



what are you looking forward to in this upcoming season? any trends you're looking forward to embracing (or continuing), what’s catching your eye?


"winter can be hard on your mood, and after a while your wardrobe turns very dark/repetitive. this upcoming season, i love that designers are doing lot's of mauves and pops of color - i'm especially looking forward to my green high waisted esby pants that I have on pre-order! i also love that statement jewelry is having a comeback... i'm embracing that! i have some incredible statement earrings coming to us for fall, it makes me so excited to even think about it." 



you can only wear 3 pieces of jewelry for the next 10 years… what do you choose?


that's hard, I swap out my jewelry so much.
1. Gold Studs for all my ear piercings.
2. My Winden Babe Necklace or my necklace that was given to me by my grandmother for my sweet 15.
3. A Cuff - I always have at least one on. 



what advice would you give to your 16 y.o self?


"i would advise myself on many things but I think most of all, I would have told myself to follow my creative side sooner." 
come meet Leslie and check out her sale collection here at esby on Saturday, the 30th!


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