Posted on July 21 2015

linen bandana ikat grey white esby apparel

our linen bandana in grey/white ikat


can you tell the difference between ikat and other fabrics that simply have a “tribal” print or something of the sort? many people can't distinguish which is which just by looking at it, but what sets ikat apart from other fabrics might shock you. by definition ikat is fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving. such as in the photos below, these patterns were meticulously thought out and measured before weaving the threads. this creates a unique pattern that gives a very imperfect, not as harsh a look to the fabric, creating the ability to turn it into staple pieces of your wardrobe that will sure get it’s fair share of wear. 

these patterned textiles date back to the beginning of textile manufacturing, deeming them the oldest known patterned textiles in the world. they were used as a form of currency on the Silk Road which was a trade route across Asia that linked Europe to all of the people and cultures from Turkey to China (how chic!). these textiles have stood one of the longest tests of time and now can beset anywhere from throw pillows to scarves.

we do our ikat research and use ikat made in India where the style originated and the quality is guaranteed. with the color being a part of the fabric and not stamped or painted on post-production, it gives the fabric a much richer and exotic look. the 100% authentic cotton Ikat from india we use for our clothing is top quality and will stand up to the test of time- just like our clothing! 

ikat bandana linen short jumper natural tan esby apparel made in usa

in our cream/navy ikat bandana and natural linen shorts jumper



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