Posted on May 30 2016

spring is in full swing. flowers are blooming, trees are full, the grass really is greener. you may have just done some spring cleaning. maybe you have an empty corner in your house just waiting for something to find a home. we recommend plants!


our shop is home to a handful of plants. they serve two purposes: to be beautiful and to increase happiness. plants have been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, raise productivity... no really, they make you a happier person.

we have a few plant babies in our flagship shop, and while we are not avid gardeners, we've learned a few things about what makes an indoor plant thrive.  


esby's 3 plant-care rules:


1. water with a gentle hand. touch the soil to check if it's dry. not sure? check the soil about two inches down. if it's dry, give it a good glass of water. then maybe grab yourself a good glass of water. 

2. sunlight. it's more important than you think. while you might be able to spend all day indoors reading a good book, your plant needs a little light. 

3. groom when needed. to keep things fresh, you may find yourself needing to cut away decaying parts of your plant. if your plant looks mostly green, but only has a touch of brown don't give up! a little water, a little sun, and a little grooming will keep new growth alive. 



things to do if you love plants but don't think you can keep them alive:


an easy fix to adding some plant greenery to your space is to grab a few palm leaves from your local florist, and place them in about three inches of water. we've had palm leaves keep like this for over a month! 


if you need a little direction on where to get yourself a plant to care for, we recommend Austin East Side Succulents, the Natural Gardener,  and the Austin Flower Company





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